‘Missing You’ Solidarity Award

Grief is not just about moving on; it's a complex process that helps us heal. Missing You assists young people aged 6 to 30 in this journey through grief groups, camps, and meetings. We work together to change how we perceive grief, fostering a supportive environment that allows and acknowledges grieving.

Look from different angles

Our campaign goes beyond the primary audience of young people at Missing You. When young people grieve, it's often for a parent, leaving the surviving parent with their own grief to manage alongside their children's and other family members'.

Our goal is to support both young individuals and surviving parents in their grieving journey. Our newspaper ads aim to raise awareness of this challenging situation, showing that we understand and can help young people, while also letting parents know that they have a support system at Missing You, as they navigate their own loss and the questions their children may have. 

Experts by experience

Here, too, we put together a dedicated team tailored to the project: a creative with a masters degree in psychology/criminology, someone who has done volunteer work for Tele-onthaal, colleagues who had gone through a grieving process themselves. We also started talking to other experts by experience, professional counsellors, and volunteers. 

Thank you