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Seize the day is the message. And women over 50 will receive that message clearly via our Carrefour Direct Mailing. This with the help of your Superkraft heroes.

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The greatest challenge and/or question with this Carrefour “Pluk de dag” direct to consumer mailing (DTCM) is: How do I reach 50+ women with feel good content that is relevant to them?


The infamous women are already customers at Carrefour. Therefore, we treat those loyal women with an envelope with an ad booklet and coupon card. They will receive bonus points when they purchase a product with a coupon.

In addition to promotions, this time content was added in the form of attractive tips & tricks for the modern lady. Not unimportant: the focus here still lied on the products. Do not lose sight of those!

Creative angle

From the results of a previous edition we concluded that product information rarely gets read. No one seems to care about it. Less is clearly more. This was also visible in the key visuals of the involved brands.

We want to inform the female target group of 50+ about innovations. Not exactly the sexiest subject. Unless you get it done with promotions to generate trial.


On the basis of the database we are reaching 115 thousand women aged 50+ in Belgium. Since they receive this mailing twice a year the newest innovations always end up with the right target group and all the participating brands receive visibility. So today, Carrefour is absolutely seizing the day!

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