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Intermetal Motor NV wanted to boost their number of leads by increasing the Belgian web traffic to their website during winter and spring season. Discover how we made it work!

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Intermetal Motor NV is a specialist in Mobile Energy Solutions who asked us to light their number of leads on fire. And, we are always in for some fireworks.

The challenge was to drive as much meaningful and qualified traffic as possible to the website and appear as first in the Google ranking results.

Second intent was to gather data from their online customers and use this to strengthen future online presence.


We created a Google Ad campaign in order to drive more traffic towards the website.This Google Ad campaign consisted out of 3 sub-campaigns with Search and Display Ads.  Each ad group had a list of relevant keywords in order to reach the right people who search for mobile energy solutions.  The display ads by your Superkraft wunderkinds were fully responsive ads that targeted YouTubers, Gmail users and visitors on relevant websites.

For these campaigns, the primary KPI was the # of visits of the landing pages for mobile heating, mobile lighting, power distribution and the contact page.


In our approach we started with a list of broad keywords and updated this week by week based on the visitors’ search term by adding new keywords or negative keywords.


We multiplied the number of visits to the website with 3 x more visitors than before the launch of the 3 Google Ad campaigns.

In addition, we reached 30% more visitors to the contact page over the 6-month period that the campaigns were active, compared to the previous period. Smile if you made a difference! (We are smiling)

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