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As part of the wider loyalty strategy, we conducted research to see why consumers might leave essent for another energy supplier. The feedback revolved mainly around a lack of ‘human, proactive contact’. Clients felt unsupported by the people at essent who keep their homes nice and warm.



Overall objective is to minimise churn.


We launched an email campaign to customers at around 11 months after joining asking them if they were still happy with their energy contract.

Creative Angle

“Your life changes; your energy needs do, too” – let us know when we can call you. Together we will check to see whether your energy contract is still up to date with your needs and optimise it to the best available plan.


The results were stunning. Giving consumers the opportunity to schedule a personal call with the energy supplier was the personal and supportive message clients had been looking for.
Opening rate: 48%
Click-through rate: 14%
Calls scheduled: 6%


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