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For the pampers brand we’re responsible for their complete crm programme in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In the pampers ecosystem this involves the whole online & offline relationship plan.

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Achieving an 80/20 target in both online & offline communication.
Key challenges are:
– privacy first
– consumer-centricity
– personalised approach



Defining the digital strategy based on the KPIs set in the brief.
Translating the strategy into a digital campaign master plan & campaign calendar. This provides an overview of the different types of communication used to tackle the KPIs defined.

The digital project manager interacts as a gatekeeper and is totally across the master plan to make sure campaigns are deployed when and how they should be.

The creative team designs the online and offline campaigns. After approval, the campaigns are printed or developed & sent out to the database.

After campaign deployment, we analyse the results and implement the lessons learnt in subsequent campaigns.

Creative Angle

All creative elements are designed within the brand guideline framework. Key for Pampers is being baby-centric.


Having implemented this strategy with excellence we are currently, after one year (2017), already at 25% of target. Want more details? Please get in touch.

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