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Pampers needs to stand out in the clutter of brands that are trying to reach the parents.



Reach out to pregnant women and young parents to create awareness on the Pampers brand through DTCM (Direct To Consumer Mailing).

They convince parents that Pampers is the most qualitative brand around and therefore the right choice within the large gamma of diaper brands even though a lot of competitive brands offer lower priced products.



Give the mum a Pampers experience that ignites her desire to try Pampers and drive a memorable experience via a premium look & feel.

Be present in every phase of the parenthood journey: hook the mum during pregnancy and hold her during the baby’s first years and offer relevant assets for each baby’s stage.

We will Offer the consumer

  • Samples, to drive the mum to try the Pampers diapers and/or wipes. The size of the diapers is adapted depending on the baby’s age
  • Coupons, in order to drive the mum to buy the Pampers products.  The coupons are valid on products.

Creative Angle

Pampers needs to stand out in the clutter of brands that are trying to reach the parents via the prenatal and natal boxes.

Hold the parents throughout the full parenthood journey, knowing that month 4 is a critical phase where most parents might switch from Pampers to competitive brands.


With quarterly campaigns for Belgium, the Netherlands and France we reach almost 4 million people a year (almost 1 million per quarter) with targeted communications, samples and/or coupons.

We can ensure Pampers visibility in every phase of the parenthood journey, as Pampers is present from prenatal to postnatal.

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