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The bx brussels team in barcelona? Now there’s something that needs social content. Discover how we made social video score a goal for Gillette’s brand values.

social-video-bx-brussels-airplane social-video-football-playground-bx brussels


Finding a good balance between the social value of the trip, the football element and the Gillette brand was key. The videos also needed to be kept short and upbeat to catch and keep the attention of the social viewer.

Another thing to keep in mind was that we needed to shoot a lot of footage on a tight schedule and create great videos quickly so they could go live while still relevant.


With the client, we decided to launch 3 videos: one to announce the trip; one immediately afterwards to show some short clips; and one after-movie to summarise the event.

Each video was designed to show different content while remaining cohesive.

Creative angle

We also came up with the idea of including Vincent Kompany (sponsored by Gillette and BX Brussels) in the videos to boost publicity and gain more attention.


With 2 659 964 reaches and 499 848 views, the campaign was a success. The 95 shares and over 600 reactions show that people truly related to the content.

social-video-black-logo-gillette-bx-brussels social-video-brussels-football-playground-bx brussels social-video-vincent-kompany-bx brussels

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